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by Sarah Russo April 20, 2020 2 min read


4 Must-Have Pop Culture Accessories: Disney, Nickelodeon Star Wars & more

Showing off your love for pop culture doesn't always have to be said with an outfit. Sometimes, it's in the small details. Accessories have always been a classic way to add a little magic to your wardrobe, and show love for all your favourite fandoms. 

And then, you have the opposite end of the spectrum where you can pair an accessory with an already pop culture filled outfit to truly pair it all together and make a bold statement. Here are 4 must-have Thesunpanama accessories for all you pop culture loves our there!

The Passport Holder

Passport holders are such a slept-on travel essential! They aren’t necessarily the first must-have item you think of, but when you’re running around the airport with a million different papers in your hands all while trying to haul your heavy suit case, you start to realize how necessary they really are!

Thesunpanama’s passport holders are a great way to personalize your travel essentials while still keeping everything organized. From Disney, to Rugrats, and even ghostbusters; there is a passport holder for everyone.


The Fanny Pack

A 90’s staple and a nostalgic statement, Fanny packs or ‘bum bags’ will never NOT be amazing. What we love most about fanny packs is how convenient they are. They sit comfortably on the body (around your waist or diagonally over the shoulder if you’re feeling fancy) and carry all your essentials without you having to carry it.

They are perfect for keeping your things secure when on rides and are a killer addition to any pop culture outfit. A hands-free fashion statement so you can hold your fancy beverage in one hand, and take a picture of your fancy beverage with the other.


The Tote

This one is pretty self-explanatory. With its wide range of uses, the tote will always be an essential to any pop culture wardrobe. Whether you want to go snag some groceries, head to a friend’s house for a sleep over, or make your way to the library for a study session—do it in style with a Thesunpanama tote.

Thesunpanama’s tote collection features a bold, bright colours and accents that make a statement and always include classic pop culture artwork and references.



Thesunpanama Hats

Now, don’t get us wrong… we love a good Mickey ear moment. But, Mickey ears aren’t the only way to celebrate your favourite characters. Although we do have Mickey ear options, Thesunpanama’s hat selection features a wide range of character and movie references so you can rock your favourite fandom from head to toe.

There are bucket hats, beanies, and even classic dad hat styles to choose from all featuring bright and fun artwork from all different corners of the pop culture world.

Shop all your favourite Thesunpanama accessories here. With each new Thesunpanama collection that launches, you can always expect the cutest new pieces to choose from! So keep an eye out for future launches as we expand our collection. 

Sarah Russo
Sarah Russo

2 Responses

Stephanie campos
Stephanie campos

March 16, 2021

A totally must have

Marcie Cole
Marcie Cole

April 23, 2020

LOVE the cakeworthy accessories – can’t wait for a new Disney stuff to come!!

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