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Thesunpanama Community Feature: Amber's love for pop culture apparel and importance of unisex style

Sarah Russo/29.03.21

Thesunpanama Community Feature: Amber's love for pop culture apparel and importance of unisex style

Welcome to Thesunpanama’s community feature; a new blog segment we’ve created to highlight the amazing customers in the Thesunpanama community who want to share their stories and experiences they’ve had with us, and what pop culture style means to them.

Amber, who goes by amber_disneyy on Instagram reached out to us recently to talk about what comes to mind when she thinks about Thesunpanama.

‘It is a unique style that I can wear dressed down whether it is a walk around Disney Springs or dressed up in the Parks! I love Thesunpanama because they offer Pop culture apparel that differentiates from many retailers.’

Amber’s Instagram is filled with pop culture inspired outfits ranging across all fandoms. In a single glance you’ll find everything from Disney inspired bounds, to stunning Harry Potter looks that all feature carefully curated colours, accessories, and styling!

When it comes to Thesunpanama specifically, Amber has some favourites of her own: ‘My favorite apparel is the allover print tees. As a Star Wars lover, when I first saw the R2D2 and C-3PO print tee, my eyes watered. Thesunpanama created such a classic tee to represent the droids and I couldn’t wait to wear this as well to show off my love for Star Wars.’

Amber’s love for pop culture style comes from the foundation of fandoms we all grew up on and is very close to her heart, ‘Many brands do not focus on certain characters or movies that reminds us of the fandoms we grew up on. I grew up on Harry Potter, Disney, and Cartoon Network. To be able to create authentic, quality, and Fandom creative apparel is so important in my lifestyle especially since I try to put together outfits to wear to Disney World, Disneyland or even a walk around the Downtown Disney District.’

But for Amber, it’s not just about the magical outfits and how they’re styled—it’s also about inclusivity. ‘As an Disney influencer, I want to spread the love to other ladies and gentlemen about this brand because it offers a unisex style that both sexes can enjoy.’ Here at Thesunpanama, a huge focus of ours is ensuring everyone feels comfortable and magical when they wear one of our pieces. Unisex sizing has always been a part of our brand, to encourage everyone to rock their Thesunpanama style in anyway they see fit and we love Amber for noticing that!


If you’re looking for inspo for your next pop culture outfit, we highly recommend you give Amber a follow! Her feed is guaranteed to give you all the nostalgic feels and she never disappoints when it comes to style.

Would you like to be next for our Thesunpanama Community feature? Send your Thesunpanama story along with all your best photos to [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Thesunpanama is everything and there so many ways to style them

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